Managing your Credit Card

Paying your Credit Card

Easy Payment Options

Making payments into your Credit Card account is easy.  Simply choose the option that best suits you:

  • Load a Debit Order facility.
  • Pay at any Standard Bank ATM .
  • Pay at any Standard Bank branch.
  • Load your BlueBean Credit Card account as a beneficiary on another account.
TIP: If you pay with a Debit Order, Standard Bank ATM or Internet banking, your BlueBean account will be credited on the same day.


Debit Order Facility

Your account is not only convenient, it is clever too! You can set up your account to pay itself with our easy to use Debit Order facility.


  • call us
  • decide which account you want to pay your account from and provide the details
  • decide which day you want your Debit Order to go off
  • and you can choose to pay the:
    • full outstanding balance every month; or
    • minimum monthly payment of the outstanding balance

And it’s done!

Payment Allocation

Your payment into your Credit Card account is allocated as follows:

  • First, the budget instalment is paid and any over-limit amount.
  • The remaining balance of the payment is paid into your straight facility.
  • All payments made into your Credit Card account greater than the full outstanding closing balance on the straight facility will automatically be credited to the outstanding balance on your budget facility.


If you have used your total credit limit of R1 000 and you have a budget instalment of R200 per month, your minimum payment amount is calculated as follows:

  • 3% of the R1,000 balance (R30)
  • plus the budget instalment (R200)
  • adds up to R230


If your total credit limit is R1 000 and you have spent R1 500 and a R200 budget instalment is due, your minimum payment amount is calculated as follows:

  • The over-limit amount (R500)
  • plus 3% of the R1 000 balance (R30)
  • plus the budget instalment (R200)
  • adds up to R730


This example does not mean that you may exceed your account credit limit. It indicates that your minimum payment amount could be higher than you expect if you exceed your account credit limit.


Unfortunately, once your account falls behind it is very difficult to bring it back it up to date. To avoid falling into arrears, load a Debit Order to pay at least the minimum amount due on your account every month.

Fixed Arrangements

If your account has fallen into arrears and you are unable to make the minimum payments due, you may enter into a fixed arrangement with Standard Bank. This is an agreement to pay off your outstanding balance at an amount that you can afford every month.

To make a fixed arrangement, please call us on 0861 112 807:

  • We will need details of your monthly income and expenses.
  • Your straight and budget facility will be consolidated and your Credit Card account will be closed until the outstanding balance has been paid in full.
  • Once the account has been paid in full you may apply for your Credit Card to be reinstated. Whether your Credit Card is approved will depend on how well you kept to the terms of your fixed arrangement.

Early Settlement of Budget Facility

If you want to settle your budget facility early or wish to pay in a lump sum, please call us before making the payment. If we are not informed, the payment will be credited to your straight facility.