Payment Solutions

MasterPass simplifies the way you shop, whether you're at home, in a store or on the go. It's the perfect combination of security and convenience. Safely store your payment and shipping information so you can spend less time checking out and more time enjoying the things you love.

How it works
Step 1 - set up
  -   Download the app from the App Store, Google play and BlackBerry World.
  -   Load personal information
  -   Billing & shipping preferences
  -   Create your own password

Step 2
Click on the MasterPass checkout button when shopping online. (If you’re using the MasterPass app, the following will not be applicable: A QR code will be displayed on your screen. Then, simply scan the code or capture the reference number.)

Step 3
Select the card and address you’d like to use (unless it’s different from your default info).
Enter your PIN or CVC (security number on the back of your card) plus a one-time password sent to you by your bank.
That’s it! Now you’re really a pro-shopper!

For more information visit the Standard Bank MasterPass site here

SnapScan lets you pay for things yor smartphone at over 11 000 store. It’s a safe, simple and convenient way to pay, using only your phone; no cash and no card swipes.

Download* the new Snapscan app from the Apple, Android or Blackberry app store, link your bank card and enjoy unbelievably simple payments at participating stores**.

How does it work?

  • Open SnapScan to scan the SnapCode displayed at the checkout or on your bill
  • Enter the amount you want to pay and confirm payment with your 4-digit PIN
  • The store will receive a payment confirmation SMS.

Safe - Your card details are encrypted and stored only on your phone - nowhere else, your PIN code keeps you protected.
Easy - Scan your credit or debit card with SnapScan, choose a 4-digit pin and you’re ready to pay with just your phone.
Accessible - SnapScan can be used with any MasterCard or Visa credit or Cheque cards, as well as selected debit cards issued by nay bank in South Africa, making it available to just about anyone.

For more info, please visit
* Network provider’s standard data charges apply
** Terms and conditions apply, visit


Tap & Go lets you shop in stores without having to swipe the magnetic strip on your card.

How it works
Simply tap your card or device on the contactless symbol on the reader at checkout. When you see the green light and hear the beep, your payment has been accepted. That’s it!

(A tiny microchip and radio antenna embedded in your card send your payment details to a high-speed contactless reader at checkout. The reader then verifies your transaction with your bank through MasterCard's reliable network and indicates approval almost instantly.)