BlueBean Credit Card

Features & Benefits

As a BlueBean customer you get access to a wide range of amazing Features & Benefits that make it easier for you to Get Busy Living! For more on how you can get the most out of your BlueBean Credit Card, click on any of the below topics!

1. ContactLess

No more waiting in queues to pay for fast food, taxi fares and toll roads. Just tap and go.

Thanks to an antenna embedded in your BlueBean Credit Card, you can now pay faster for purchases under R200. Simply tap your credit card within a 5cm range of the terminal at the point of sale wherever you see a MasterCard PayPass or this symbol  after the cashier has rung up the amount to be paid.

ContactLess is completely safe and also increases security as you don’t have to swipe, give your credit card to the cashier, or dip and enter your PIN.

BLUEBEAN MESSAGE: The normal way of paying by dipping your credit card and entering your PIN still applies where there are no MasterCard PayPass or Visa payWave terminals or if the value of the transaction is greater than R200.

2. Your Personal Identification Number (PIN)

Your PIN makes shopping with your BlueBean Credit Card SAFER. It also gives you access to:

  • any ATM (locally or internationally) to
    • withdraw cash
    • do balance enquiries
    • make deposits
    • pay accounts
    • view statements
  • FREE Self-Service Banking
    • internet banking
    • Telephone banking
    • Cellphone banking

How to PROTECT your PIN:

  • Your PIN is your personal key to secure banking. That’s why it’s very important to keep it secret!
  • Memorise your PIN. You should never write it down or share it with anyone, not even your spouse or a bank employee.
  • Don’t use an obvious PIN such as your birth date.
  • Change your PIN as often as you can
  • Don’t let anyone stand too close to you while you are at the ATM in order to keep your BlueBean Credit Card and PIN safe.
  • Shield the keypad when you enter your PIN so no one can see it

To get your PIN, or if you have forgotten your PIN, call us and follow the prompts. Remember to have your personal details with you, along with your cell phone because we will send your one time password to you while you are talking to us.

BLUEBEAN SAVING TIP: SAVE on ATM fees when you withdraw cash at any Standard Bank ATM.

3. FREE access to Standard Bank’s Self-Service Banking

Get Busy Living when you quit queues forever! Bank your way 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with FREE subscriptions to:

  • Internet banking
  • Telephone banking
  • Cellphone banking

You can view statements, make payments and buy prepaid airtime. Life just got a whole lot easier!

Click here to get this service.

4. Budget Facility

Why wait to Get Busy Living? Buy whatever you’ve been dreaming of now without the worry of high monthly payments. BlueBean’s super-convenient budget facility lets you spread your repayments over 6 to 60 months.

  • Ask for your purchase to be placed on budget at the till.
  • Pick a payment period of between 6 – 60 months.
  • Enjoy your purchase!

5. Secure Internet Shopping

Nothing helps you Get Busy Living faster than having the freedom to shop online using your BlueBean Credit Card! Enjoy the confidence of knowing your purchases are now even more secure.

BlueBean’s FREE Secure Internet Shopping service offers you:
  • guaranteed online shopping payments,
  • increased security with your unique PIN,
  • assurance that nobody else can access your credit card details.

3D Secure

What is 3D Secure?

3D Secure protects you, the cardholder, and the merchant by verifying your personal details during an online purchase, prior to the transaction being processed. It ensures an additional level of protection when shopping online. This service is now enhanced with OTP instead of a static username and password.

What does OTP mean for you?

Buying online is safer than you think with OTP. It’s designed to give your BlueBean Card an extra level of protection against unauthorised use when shopping online. You will now receive a OTP via SMS every time you make a purchase, and this password will only be valid for that transaction.

How OTP works when you’re shopping online at participating 3D Secure merchants?

  • Shop online and proceed to the checkout
  • Input your 16 digit BlueBean Card number, Expiry date and CCV number when prompted
  • You will then be asked for an OTP which you will receive via SMS on your registered cellphone number
  • Finalise your purchase
3D-Secure OTP benefits for you?
  • No need for registration and activation up-front
  • No need to remember a username and password
  • Reduces the risk of your 3D Secure password being compromised or phished
  • No need to phone to unblock 3D Secure passwords
  • Additional level of protection when shopping online

Where can I find more information about 3D Secure?

BLUEBEAN SAFETY TIP: Online shopping is quick, easy, and convenient – however, there are still some safety factors that need to be considered when using your credit card to make purchases online.

  • Only place an order with your credit card on trusted websites that are verified as secure sites (look for the lock image on the toolbar).
  • On the Web page where you enter your credit card or other personal information, look for an "s" after ‘http: //’ in the Web address of that page - it should read: ‘https://’. The encryption is a security measure that scrambles your data as it is entered.
  • Ensure that the website is authentic and secure by finding out what other shoppers say. Some websites such as and have customer evaluations, which can help you determine a company's legitimacy.
  • Do not send emails that contain personal information such as your card number and expiry date.
  • Use good quality antivirus software – such as the free software we provide for our Internet Banking and WAP-based Cellphone Banking customers.
  • Secure, Verified by VISA and MasterCard SecureCode

We all love the convenience of shopping online, but are concerned about the risks that may be involved. This is why technology, such as 3D Secure, has been designed – and protects you while you shop.

If you have any queries or questions about 3D Secure or need technical assistance, you can contact the  Contact Centre.

6. Electronic Statements

Who has time to wait for snail mail? Get your statements emailed to your inbox. Switch to FREE electronic statements.

Enjoy the benefits of getting your statements by e-mail:
  • faster – no more postal delays
  • easy to store
  • more secure

Switching is simple, just give us a call on 0860 121 131 or click here.

7. Credit Limit

Got your eye on something you’ve just got to have?

Call us on 0860 121 131 to find out if you qualify for a higher credit limit.

Terms and Conditions apply.

8. Basic Automatic Travel Insurance

Basic Automatic Travel Insurance is FREE when you book your travel tickets in South Africa AND pay with your BlueBean Credit Card.

Automatic cover gives you personal accident, emergency medical expenses as well as assistance services.

You can also take out extra cover at preferential rates. To view these rates, click here.

For more information or to get a copy of the master policy, call 0861 114 494.  Or, to notify us of your international travels, click here.

BLUEBEAN MESSAGE: Remember to call us if you are planning on using your BlueBean Credit Card while travelling outside South Africa. You can also notify us online by clicking here.

9. Credit Protection Plan

BlueBean’s Credit Protection Plan gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your outstanding balance of up to R120,000 will be paid if you die, are disabled or retrenched.

All it takes is a small fee for every R1,000 of your outstanding balance, which is debited to your credit card account every month.

To get covered today, call 0860 123 911.

Terms and Conditions apply.

10. FREE Lost Card Protection

Your BlueBean Credit Card is automatically protected against fraud, except for transactions where your PIN is used.

If you lose your credit card or it is stolen, please report it to us immediately by calling Standard Bank’s lost Cards helpdesk on 0800 020 600 or +27 11 299 4114 .

Terms and Conditions apply.

11. Easy Payment Options

Paying your BlueBeanCredit Card account is easy and fuss-free. Choose the option that suits you:
  • pay at any Standard Bank branch
  • pay at Standard Bank ATMs
  • load your BlueBean Credit Card as a beneficiary on another account
  • use our Debit Order Facility

12. Save hassle & manage your money the smart way with a Debit Order!

Don’t pay a cent more than you have to. Set your account to pay itself using our convenient Debit Order Facility and you’ll automatically pay the minimum amount required every month.

Also, by loading a Debit Order you’ll never have to queue to pay your BlueBean account - SAVING you time!

You can select the minimum monthly payment of the outstanding balance or more, and the date on which you want the Debit Order to go off your bank account.

Click here to load your Debit Order or call us on 0860 121 131.

13. Automatic Bill Payments

Tired of queuing to pay bills? Use your BlueBean Credit Card to automatically pay accounts like your telephone account, gym subscription, security subscription and more. All you need to do is:
  • contact the companies you need to pay every month,
  • give them your BlueBean Credit Card details and they’ll do the rest.

We’ll make sure that your accounts are paid – on time, every time – so that you can Get Busy Living.