BlueBean Credit Card


Who is BlueBean?

BlueBean is a credit card company, which operates as an independent division of Standard Bank.

Can I use my BlueBean Credit Card overseas?

The card is accepted worldwide wherever a MasterCard brandmark is displayed.

If you are planning any international travel, please notify us with your travel related information before your departure. Simply call 0860 121 131 or click here and fill out the form. 

What is the debit interest rate?

For information on interest rates, please contact our BlueBean Call Centre on 0860 121 131.

A Balance Facility allows you to transfer debt from other accounts onto your BlueBean Credit Card at a special interest rate; this is only for a period of 6 months. If you have not paid the full amount within the 6 months period the portion that is not paid will revert back to the normal debit interest rate. For information on interest rates, please contact our BlueBean Call Centre on 0860 121 131.

What is Lost Card Protection (LCP)?

LCP is an automatic insurance cover that protects you in the event of your card/s being lost or stolen.

  • No PIN-based transactions are covered under this plan;
  • All fraudulent transactions are investigated, and depending on the circumstances, there is no limit to the cover;
  • The customer has to report his/her card if lost or stolen to the BlueBean Call Centre on 0860 121 131 or Lost/Stolen cards Call Centre on 0800 020 600 as soon as possible to benefit from the LCP.

Can I use any ATM Facilities?

To use your BlueBean Credit Card at an ATM, you would first need to get a PIN (Personal Identification Number) from any Standard Bank branch.

  • The PIN can be used for deposits, withdrawals, Electronic Account Payments (EAP), Internet banking or transfers at the ATM.
  • The Maximum daily ATM withdrawal is R1,000
  • International ATM withdrawals can be made at any ATM where the CIRRUS logo is displayed. In such cases, only use the first four digits of your PIN

Where do I collect my BlueBean Credit Card?

The card will be delivered to your door within 21 business days, free of charge.
The following original and clear copies are to be produced on delivery of your BlueBean Credit Card:

  • Identification document (original bar coded green ID book)
  • One of the following documents reflecting your name and current residential address (no less than 3 months old ):
    • A municipal rates and taxes/electricity account;
    • Lease/rental agreement;
    • Telkom account;
    • Bank statement or similar document;
    • Valid television license documentation;
    • Retail Account (cellphone, clothing or medical aid statement)
    • Short term insurance documentation
  • The courier will certify the original with the copy that you hand over.

Do I get two different limits for the Primary and Secondary card?

No, the Primary and Secondary cardholder shares one credit limit on the two Credit Cards.

Do I get a Straight limit and a Budget limit on my Credit Card?
You will be allocated one credit limit, giving you the opportunity to determine how you would like to spend the allocated amount. This means that you will be able to spend the entire limit on any combination of straight or budget purchases.
E.g.: you have a credit limit of R7 000 and spend R2 000 on straight purchases and R4 000 on budget purchases, R1 000 will still be available for straight or budget purchases. In other words, you have the freedom to choose how you would like to use your credit

When will I be able to qualify for a limit increase?

Once your account is 6 months or older the credit limit can be increased upon your request depending on how your account has been managed. For more information, please contact our BlueBean call centre on 0860 121 131.

What is the minimum payment on my account?

The minimum payment is 5% or R25.00 on your BlueBean Credit Card.

Does the BlueBean Credit Card have an expiry date?

The card is valid for five years and will automatically be renewed if your account is in order at the time of renewal. The renewed BlueBean Credit Card will be posted via registered mail to your chosen postal address.

Do you have to make separate account payments to your garage card?

All transactions from the garage card are debited to the primary BlueBean Credit Card, and you will receive one statement for both the cards.

How do you pay your BlueBean Credit Card?

You will be able to pay via the following channels: ATM's, Cheque, Internet Banking, Cellphone or Telephone Banking, Cash Deposit at any Standard Bank branch and or by performing an Electronic Account Payment (EAP).

Alternatively, you can load a Debit Order to automatically pay your BlueBean Credit Card every month by contacting our BlueBean Call Centre on 0860 121 131 or by submitting your request online here.


Secure Internet Shopping

What is MasterCard SecureCode?

MasterCard SecureCode is the name of the service provided by MasterCard. It uses personal identity information and PINs to provide added protection against unauthorised use of MasterCard cards when shopping at participating online merchants

What is Verified by Visa?

Verified by Visa is the name of the service provided by Visa. It uses personal PINs and identity information to help protect Visa card numbers against unauthorised use online

What is meant by a “participating merchant”?

  • It is a merchant that has registered for the MasterCard SecureCode and/or Verified by Visa service
  • For the service to be 100% secure, it is important for banks that issue cards and acquire the transactions on behalf of merchants are certified for this service. Cardholders and merchants need to participate to ensure complete security
  • If a merchant is not certified, it is not a participating merchant, and it will not receive the benefit of guaranteed payment
  • A participating merchant can be located in South Africa or anywhere else in the world

How do I know whether a merchant participates in this service?

  • Most participating merchants will display the MasterCard SecureCode or Verified by Visa logo on their sites
  • Even if these logos are not displayed, a merchant may still be a participant and you will be prompted to enter your secret PIN

How will the online merchant know that I have activated my BlueBean Credit Card for Secure Internet Shopping?

When your Card has been activated for Secure Internet Shopping and is used at participating online merchants, your BlueBean Credit Card number will be recognised and you will be prompted to enter your PIN to complete the purchase

What is activation?

  • To shop on the internet, you are required to activate your Card for the service. You will not be able to shop at participating merchants if you have not activated your BlueBean Credit Card
  • Your BlueBean Credit Card will be enrolled for our Secure Internet Shopping service automatically. You will simply be required to activate yourself before shopping securely online

What is authentication?

  • Once activated, when you shop online at participating merchants, you will need to authenticate yourself using the secret PIN that you created during activation, before your online shopping transaction will be authorised
  • We will then confirm that it is you performing the purchase transaction and the participating merchant will receive evidence that the purchase has been authorised and that you have been authenticated. If we are unable to authorise the transaction it will be declined
  • When shopping at non-participating merchants, you will not be required to authenticate yourself

What is identification data?

It is the type of identification you provided to us when you opened your card account. We will accept the following types of identity:

  • Identity document
  • Passport
  • Voting identity

How does Secure Internet Shopping protect me?

  • When you correctly enter your secret PIN during a transaction at a participating online merchant, you confirm that you are the authorised cardholder and the transaction is then completed
  • If an incorrect PIN is entered, the transaction will not be completed
  • Even if someone has your Credit Card number, the purchase cannot be completed without your PIN (provided that you are shopping at a participating merchant)
  • A fraudster will not be able to use an activated card at a participating merchant as they will not know the secret PIN you selected
  • Your SecureCode CSP is the same as your CSP

What are the system requirements for Secure Internet Shopping?

  • Secure Internet Shopping works with most browsers. However, software that prevents pop-up windows may interfere with the service
  • No special software is required for this service

How will Secure Internet Shopping change the online purchase process?

  • The online purchasing process will not change, except that now you will be prompted to enter your PIN during checkout and payment

Do I need to apply for a new Card to use this service?

No, you simply activate your existing BlueBean Credit Card

Does it make a difference whether I have a MasterCard or Visa card?

No, both types of cards can be activated for Secure Internet Shopping

I have a Secondary Card linked to my main account. How does that work?

  • Activation is for each card and a PIN is linked to that card during activation
  • The person in whose name the card has been issued must personally activate each card

What happens if I forget my PIN?

  • Simply call us on 0861 201 314 ( South Africa only) or +27 11 241 1314
  • Once you have been verified, your PIN will be reset with a temporary PIN
  • You will be requested to select a new PIN the next time you shop online

Does my Secure Internet Shopping PIN change my ATM PIN or Internet banking customer-selected PIN?

No, they are completely separate

What will it cost me?

There is no charge for using the service

When will the transactions appear on my statement?

As soon as the merchant passes a transaction to us for payment

Can secure transactions be identified on my normal BlueBean Credit Card statement?

No, however, you can access the Customer Service section of Secure Internet Shopping and view all of your secure transactions

Must I reactivate if my BlueBean Credit Card has been replaced as a result of it being lost or stolen?

Yes, you will need to reactivate if your BlueBean Credit Card number changes

Must I reactivate if my BlueBean Credit Card has expired?

No, because the Card number does not change

Can I use the service for mail order and telephone order transactions?

No, it is for online purchasing only

What is involved in activation?

Step 1
You direct your Internet browser to the activation screen on our website

Step 2
You follow the prompts to enter your card details, personal information and a personal message, as follows:

  • Card number, without spaces
  • CVV number (the last 3 digits on the signature panel of your card)
  • Expiry date
  • The name embossed on your BlueBean Credit Card
  • Please enter your name exactly as it appears on your card (title, initials and surname) eg. Mr JM Smith.
  • Your ID or passport number
  • A personal message. This is a word or phrase you choose, which can have as many as 30 characters. It will appear every time you use Secure Online Shopping

Step 3
You now follow the prompts to enter:

  • A username, which you choose
  • A secret PIN, which you also choose
  • Your secret PIN, to confirm that you entered it correctly the first time

Step 4
The activation screen now tells you the process has been completed and you can start Secure Internet Shopping.

The steps are very similar if you activate your BlueBean Credit Card when checking out at an online merchant.

If you don't hear from us (we may not have your latest contact details), please call us on 0861 201 314 ( South Africa only) or +27 11 241 1314 to confirm that it was you who activated the card/s.

If prompted to activate when shopping at a participating merchant, how will I know that I am providing my information to you?

  • This process is very secure, however, should you not be comfortable, please call us on 0861 201 314 ( South Africa only) or +27 11 241 1314 to ensure that you have been activated with us

What are the PIN requirements?

  • Your customer-selected PIN must be numeric.
  • Your PIN must have five digits.
  • Your PIN should not contain the same number repeated three times in a row, for example, 11132.
  • Your PIN should not be 12345.
  • Your PIN should not be the same as your ATM PIN.
  • For security reasons, please do not use your Internet Banking customer-selected PIN.

What should I do if I suspect that someone has my PIN or has used it to commit online fraud?

You contact us on 0861 201 314 ( South Africa only) or +27 11 241 1314 immediately. It is important to keep your secret PIN secure and not to tell it to anyone

What if I do not wish to activate my BlueBean Credit Card/s?

To protect yourself when doing online purchasing, you need to activate your BlueBean Credit Card/s. You will not be able to shop at participating merchants if you have not activated your card/s